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Our clips come in extra large, large, medium and small sizes. Most are made in grosgrain ribbon in plain colours or with printed spots, however we have a range of large, medium and small in velvet. We also stock large organza clips for special party dresses. The extra large and large size clips have an uncovered ‘crocodile’clip for extra hold for bigger hair, whilst the medium and small size clips have covered crocodile clips which are kinder and safer for smaller girls. They still have a great grip and will stay in the finest hair. We also stock a number of large clips with a French barrette clip (can be squeezed shut) which are particularly suitable for very thick or Afro Caribbean hair. 

Large clips measure approximately 11.5cm by 7cm 
Medium clips measure approximately 7cm by 4cm 
Small clips measure approximately 4.5cm by 2cm

Elastics are available with a large, medium or small sized bow. All the elastics themselves are a consistent size. If you are looking for a particular colour for a school then do let us know and we and try and source it for you. 

Large Hair Elastics ribbon measure approximately 11.5cm by 7cm 
Medium Hair Elastics ribbon measure approximately 7cm by 4cm 
Small Hair Elastics ribbon measure approximately 4.5cm by 2cm

One of our most popular ranges Peach hairbands come with either a large size bow, or a small size bow for a more discrete look and great for school. We also have a limited range of colours with an organza bow on a grosgrain band. 

Large Hair bow ribbon measure approximately 11.5cm by 7cm 
Small Hair bow ribbon measure approximately 4.5cm by 2cm


Some of our most individual and stylish bows are our striped collection. These are unique and often appeal to older girls. 
Our spotted bows come in medium and large sizes on clips, and we supply large spotted alicebands.